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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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an link to terrorist groups and no clear chain of command. tweet me and that is our fox report. the kelly file starts now. nwelcome to the the kelly file special eeverybody. taking on terror is the name of this evening. i am martha mccowan in for megyn kelliy. there is a rampage in terrorist and threat of similar attacks looming large here in the united states, there is a key question that is going unanswered. what is america's strategy for fighting all of this? (inaudible) >> it is chilling words and focusing attention like a laser
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on how violent radical islam seems to be on the rise around the world. so how is america fighting back? that is the question. in the next hour we'll investigate this. how has the white house responded to the recent rash of terrorism and how are other countries reacting to this and how are they handling it? and what the danger that exist of another attack here at home. we'll be be joined by general jack king and larry kosh and israeli embassy ron dermer and more. we'll start with trace gallagher with what america and the world is facing, trace? >> reporter: the terrorist groups have amplified the calls against lone wolf attacks and they acknowledge they are prevalent and difficult to
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monitor. long before the attacks on charlie hebdo, the terrorist killers were well known to french authorities. but they admitted they couldn't watch them closely because france has too many jihadist. and france is far from the only breeding ground. canada was hit in october with two lone wolf attacks. first a 25-year-old man who used his car to run down two canadian soldiers and killing one. the suspect was a radical muslim and posted rants on the facebook page and another convert to islam shot and killed a ceremonial guard on canada's pariment hill. listen. >> everybody couldn't believe something like this would be real. it was beyond realism. >> and the gunman died in the
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the shootout in the the halls of parliament with canadian prime minister stephen harper just one day away from the shooting. and a day later a man pulled a hatchel on four rookie police officers and striking another in the arm and another in the back of the head. both officers survived and the the suspect was shot and killed and his facebook page had comments on home grown. helicopters will be useless. they will not be able to defeat our people if we use guerilla warfare. attack their weak links and they will surrender and then the war will be over. >> and a man who pledged allegeance to the leader of the islamic state and attacked a cafe in sidney. the same terrorist sent
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horrifying letters to the families of australian soldiers killed overseas and of course isis told followers to find the napes and addresses of u.s. soldiers and kill them. >> trace thank you. joining us is general jack king. good to have you here this evening. what is the united states strategy to take on this global threat that exists in all of these forms with a common purpose? >> sadly to say we don't have a tragedy to keep with. it and as the intro, implies and you are leading up to radical islam is the global security challenge of our generation much like naziism and xhounism for 40
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years in the latter part of the 20th century. but the challenge with radical islam. we have been at it for 20 years. it started in the world trade center in the early 90s and uss cole and 9/11 and all of the things that are happening since, and after 20 years, the facts are that radical islam is on the rise. it quad rupled in the middle east and africa. and on the rise in asia and they are motivating the sympathizers to attack homes and places of interest. >> the situation in a bu grab and other places prompted and tomented the radicalism, do you believe that? >> that is absolute rubbish. this is a geo political movement and their readings tell us what
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their objectives are. the objectives to dominant and control muslim lands. caliphate is a good word for it and eventually the world. the ideology and geo political ambition is greater than communism and they kid innocents and nonbelievers to accomplish those objectives. so the fact that 9/11 occurred and we responded to that and somehow that created this movement or grew this movement more rapidly makes no sense what so ever. it is it another failure to understand what is this geo political movement that is driven by radical islamic iideology. our leaders don't explain and therefore they are off of the hook in providing a comprehensive strategy to deal
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with. it >> it is a good point. you talk about communism and ronald reagan and gofsh gorbachev and marget thatcher bringing it to an end. and churchhill and the world war ii. it doesn't seem like we have leadership and understanding ofment global threat from this administration. >> what makes this movement as dangerous as it is you know, certainly 17 deaths in the barbaric way and beheadings that have taken place in syria and 2000 deaths we observed inening nigeria outrageous behavior by boca haran. it is it a fact and we have established this from getting into the al-qaeda and radical islamic treasures of information and exchanges they had. we know one of the major
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underpennings is to acquire weapons of mass destruction. is there any doubt in anyone's mind that they would try to use it to the maximum advantage in great population centers in the world? so this is a dangerous movement and it is growing and we don't have the 20th century leadership that was exercised by america and allies and coalition partners to deal with this growing menace. >> it is it a scary situation. general king thank you very much and good to have you here. >> in the wake of the terrorist attacks we witness in paris and the white house on a summit the administration refuses to focus a summit on radical islamic extremism insisting it is multiple extremism. what are the names of them?
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the state department could not label them. and larry corb, good to have you and good to see you and thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> you just heard general jack king talk about a lack of leadership in recognizing the global threat and having a cohesive strategy to tackle it, what do you think? >> you will never win it militarily because you are dealing with an ideology and what you have to do is convince people that what these radicals are preaching is not the future of muslips and that's why you have to engage the leaders in the muslim world. militarily, this administration is doing it correctly. the previous administration overreacted. and for example, al-qaeda in iraq didn't exist until we went
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there and right now, we are fighting isis in the middle east and we have a great number of muslim allies including saudi arabia and united arab emirates. >> al-qaeda existed on september 11th. it was the force that attacked us. these groups have moved to different areas as they are available to them. but the argument that it didn't exist i don't understand xafg're frankly and you look at the threat and the strategy, my question what would you do specifically. what we are doing has not worked it is growing and growing and growing. >> again, i would disagree with you in terms of al-qaeda. for example, the leader of isis was somebody we captured in iraq and put in a prison and he became radicalized and that
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helped. >> so we are creating all of these radicals, is that your government. >> no we are creating them by the things we have done. snu >> you mentioned a bu grahib. we were correct to go in to it afghanistan. nato supported it and the iranians supported us there. when we went in afghanistan. iraq was something completely different and look at what we are doing al awlaki was killed three years ago. and bin laden was killed. >> and thousands of people who are dying at the hands of boca ha ran and hands of a cap and all of these organizations and so whatever we are doing larry is not working. >> we, the united states, are not threatened by all of these groups. we have to decide who threatens
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us. we are solving it in iraq just essentially by ourselves we did not get un authorization. >> thank you, i do appreciate and good to have you here. we have dire warnings from a man deep inside of al-qaeda before becoming a double agent and why we are missing the chilling point of the terrorist attack. and the american council of public relation accused american media of playing in the hands of the terrorist. up next. the threat of national extremism. >> why is that so hard to say. it is not the only extremism that it we face. >> what are you, what other forms of extremism that are troubling to you right now.
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love drama? go on a first date. my passion is puppetry. here? i think we're done here. hate drama? go to research, price, find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama. they've all said quite clearly th >> the battles against islamic extremism, why is that hard to say? >> it is not hard to say. it is not the only extremism we face. much of it islamism but we'll have a on heavy focus with the
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people who do it in. >> that was marie harf repeating the argument. not all extremism is islamic and any violence perpetuated with those is a twisted version of a peaceful faith even though the murderer are a venging the prophet mohammed as we saw in the tape from paris. from paris. [ inaudible ] >> the >> we have the author of the the land of invisible women. what life is like for women in muslim countries. what is your reaction? >> both segments is distressing. the jihadist who computed someone in the name of a holy
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prophet mohammed and the tongue tied discourse. i would use the word islamist to describe all of these acts. islam i understand does not advocate. but islamism which borrows the image is advocating the acts seen in france. in my opinion islamist actors mainstream muslim do not repreponderate my beliefs and claim to act in religion. the american administration discomfort they don't want to use the word islam or islamic and i understand and empathize with it. but the this is derived and
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distorted out of our beliefs. it is support and not without a relationship. they are together and innerrelated and apart. we live in complicated times. and seeing the white house representative not able to say and deputy spokesperson not able to say this makes we can't name the beast we are facing. >> when you listen to what they said in egypt. he talked about how outraged he is of the destructive nature of what is going on in the name of islam. he call today out. and the mayor of rodderdam in the netherlands and he said if you are not happy with freedom go find another country. he is outraged and they are so clear in how they are looking at it and what they are saying to the people of the muslim faith. they need to react and respond. what is your take on that?
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>> i am so glad you brought that up. president isis was to extract the ideology that contaminated islam and gets to clerics. i wrote about it in the article called let there be light. we need to examine the ideology to ilam. that is what we are shying away from in the united states because of the administration's lead. >> i questioned the state department spokeswoman on the threat that exist in all of the horrific acts and look at hamas and boca haran. are we making a mistake if we don't see a threat in their motivation? >> no that is the correct approach and i disagree with harf about that.
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it is not the method of assault on secular values, it is the ideology which is islamism and very important for our viewers to understand. that it can be violent. charlie hebdo, the attack on war on secular values that we have seen. and attacking the core of freedom of speech and ideptity. and boca haran is going about the attacks and it is similar and has to be named if we are going to approach it. >> thank you so much. and we'll look for your article. >> thank you for having the difficult and radioactive discussion that most people don't want to approach. >> good to have you here. we have new developments in the controversy over closing guantanamo bay and whether the detainees leaving the camp can
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the obama administration is under new fire for its efforts to close down guantanamo bay detention center this as we learn that more detainees were released in the midterm elections than three years combines and take a listen to what the new hampshire septemberor said on the kelly file. >> detainees released they are high risk for reengagement for terrorism. that is where the focus needs to be not in the president trying to fulfill a campaign promise. njoining me is andrew mccarty is she right? >> she is absolutely right.
5:25 pm
what obama is doing trying to fulfill the promise he made on the first day of his administration and close gunt dpunt and he's letting the terrorist out of the back door. >> numbers suggest the that the recidivism rate is in the single digit given the fact that numbers are 30 percent. correct? >> i found it to be a foolish endeavor that they do. it is a criminal justice concept, and let's say the recidivism rate is 45 percent and for terrorist it is 20 percent which is what they used to say. one in five. terrorist are mass murders. they are going to kill thousands of people. they use the silly and the fact of the matter, the places where these guys go back we don't have good intelience and unless you encounter someone
5:26 pm
on the battlefield and certain knowledge of what he's doing we don't know who went back to jihadist activity. >> if it is six percent or tw percent. it doesn't matter the acts are so heinous in nature. 2 or 3 percent pull off things and it is too many. >> 19 people committing one to take us to a 12 year war. >> in terms of legality can he do that? can the president true attrition close down guantanamo bay by letting people out? >> the commander in chief under our constitution is responsible for disposition of enemy combatants. they can't make him not by making legalities and they don't want to go to impoachment. >> what about the five that was
5:27 pm
released for bo bergdahl. >> the commander in chief replenished the enemy in war time while hethey are against our soldiers and our people. >> and are there a ton of people so excited that 140 something in guantanamo bay so released. is that a major issue do you think? >> it is it for people that they not be released and a major issue for obama's base be released. they are the not a great deal of people, but those are the people he listens to. ngitmo detainees are not the only one to be concerned. a former islamic terrorist abandoned his faith and worked as a double agent. here is the details on how al-qaeda is operating. yeah. yeah. ah. >> but he knows about your work.
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live from america's news headquarters, i am julie bandaras. anti- terror sweeps widening further in europe. police in greece arrested four terror suspects in the capital city of athens. one of them matched the description of a suspect that authorities in belgual said was involved in a terrorist cell. meantime belgium deploying soldiers to protect terror targets. it is at the second highest level. two people are dead after a shooting in a shopping mall in florida. a man wounded his wife and shot and killed himself. one other man was shot and
5:32 pm
killed. police are trying to determine a motive. i am julie bandaras back to the melee file taking on terror. go to fox news for your headlines. >> a new warning on the spread of so- called al-qaeda sleeper cells after the recent attacks in france. a former al-qaeda insider that became a double agent suggested that the problem will get worse. mort onstorm grew up in denmark. he discovered a new identity in radical islam. he adopted all aspects of the muslim faith and travelled to yemen and met with al awlaki. his mission was cancelled. he later discovered serious contradictions in the quran. and renounced his faith and became a agent. he was a trusted friend of al
5:33 pm
awlaki he was tasked with finding him a wife. listen to the message from al awlaki to a would- be wife when he mentions a trusted brother who was a double agent. >> it is at their request. the brother who's carrying the recording is trustworthy brother. >> amazing, right. some point all of al awlaki's death and in an isis video, militants are firing at a picture of him. the cia neither confirmed or denied. the secret recording reveals the true extent of his mission. (laughter) yeah; yeah. he knows about your work. so the right people know your
5:34 pm
contributions and for that we are thankful. >> yeah, yeah. martin storm is co-author of agent storm. a memior on how he was a double agent in al-qaeda and yemen and he led the cia to the al awlaki. morten, welcome. >> thank you. >> your story is insight. and as you looked at what has happen over the course of the last week what does it tell you what is coming next? >> well in locks very, very pessimistic for me. unfortunately we have seen the sleeping cells waking up. and there are more threats out there and al-qaeda and isis have signals and they have claimed it in yemen.
5:35 pm
and so the threats are not threats anymore. they are actually a reality and it happens and will continue. >> you talk about the fact that a cap and isis were combined in this particular attack. the man who did the attack in the supermarket claimed allegeance to isis and the other to a kwab. it is worst case scenario. in spite of their differences back home where they are in the muslim countries, and in spite of those differences be able to cooperate in foreign missions with unfortunately horrific attacks you know, yeah. >> you know you talk about your connection to al awlaki. and clearly the two brothers, kouachi brothers revered him and
5:36 pm
he was responsible in many ways for a social media marketing of al-qaeda and the outreach since he was born in the united states to so many operatives that spoke english and had passports. it took years. he was killed in 2011. it took years to carry it out. they are patient and have long- term plans, do they not? >> yes, they will be patient to achieve the goals. they are that determined and they are ready to give up their own lives. this is an enemy who will give up at no costs and they have managed to be sleeping all of this time until preparations are made ready and you can see what happened in france. killing a lot of civilian innocents and attack the freedom of speech. >> i want to play for you a bit of a sound from a new's conference from the state department that deals with how easy it is to move around the
5:37 pm
world with a passport regardless of your affiliation. >> if you are on a watch list you don't necessarily loedz your passport. >> correct. >> simply being a member of a terrorist organization, is it grounds. >> it doesn't mean your passport is revoked, correct. >> there is no regulation that said if you are are a member of al-qaeda or isis you lose your passport. >> correct. >> what do you think about that, morten? >> i totally agree with the gentlemen, i think it is it a problem, our government, if there are strong suspicions and indications that they are affiliated with terrorist inside of the country or abroad their citizenship should be withdrawn from them. >> you look at the history and the young men, the kouachi brothers and others who fit a profile of somebody who is
5:38 pm
educated and hasn't made it one reason or the other. he wanted to be a rapper at one point. and the boston marathon bomber who was a boxer and went back to chechnya. what worries you about the profile and how many people are susceptible to being sucked in? yeah. that is a problem. many people think you are a isis or al-qaeda by traveling over there to join the ranks. the problem is it is an ideology and a faith and a practicing is lal. and there could be thousands of them in our own countries and some of them don't want other people to know the hidden agendas and the lone wolves. we have seen that in canada and places in europe. >> morten, storm. thank you very much.
5:39 pm
and an extraordinary story. depend -- good to speak with you. prime minister of israel is warning the world of strikes yet to come. we'll talk to the the israeli ambassador to the united states and what that meant and what the lessons are fighting on the war on terror. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and now introducing aleve pm for a better am.
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a new threat from isis >> a new threat from isis calling for followers to kill inteleigence officers and police officers and soldiers and civilians. naming united states, france and australia and canada as their targets. trace reports. >> reporter: it is very clear internet and social media helped to create a lone wolf terror problem in the u.s. and other countries. how to fight is a constant point of discussion and debate and pushing legislation to strip passports and citizenship for any american who trains or joining a terrorist organization. but experts say there is radicalized followers who never leave the u.s. and just in week in ohio, a follower was arrested for plotting to attack the u.s. capitol. he wanted to set off bombs and shoot law maker ares as they
5:44 pm
leave their off policemeninged his support for isis and done recognizance and in the final stages of his plan and iowa sis reiterate on line threats of legitimate targets in the united states. new york deputy police commissioner john miller, listen. >> civilians and also police officers and intelligence officers and soldiers are all targets. legitimate targets according to isil and that they were asking their followers wherever they were to carry out threats with whatever means they had available. >> and federal authorities are ordering random searches of carry on bags after the latest issue provided a detailed bomb that can get through security saying the bombs could be made from stuff that is already in
5:45 pm
your mom's kitchen. >> thank you trace. nisrael's prime minister visited the kosher supermarket in paris where four were killed. he shared a warning, the terrorist strikes we experienced here will grow to dimensions that people do not yet understand. joining me now is the israeli ambassador to the united states. you say it is a broader struggle, correct? >> absolutely. the most important thing in fighting against militant islam. it is militant islam. and important thing to it understand. the groups are all connected and fired by the same. it doesn't matter in boca haran. >> our state department denotices that. >> maybe they choose to express it in a different way.
5:46 pm
i can tell you how we see. it they are connected. not that they are in the same war room planning attacks. sometimes they find each other. boca haran and hesbollah and iran and all of the terroristor proxies. they hate jews and christians and israel and hate america and in their vision of the world, there is no place for any of us and muslims that disagree with that. >> and you look at israel and the violence they have known and so many of us grew up, a whole generation watching that and feeling for the people of israel, do you believe that the rest of us are about to live in a world where we have to get used to or get real about experiencing similar attacks like that all of the time? >> yes, absolutely. it is one thing to have all of
5:47 pm
the radical preachers in suburbs of london, and paris and brussels. but it is another thing to have trained killers coming back from a war theater and set up the terrorist cells and there are so many soft targets. they have to protect sieve issil liberties and severe the citizens. we in israel had to find that balance and we have done a good job of doing that for last 66 years of ouritate and living and remaining democratic and open society. >> a lot of people look at what is going on, and think we will be in a world if we don't do something quickly where we have these attacks and steal ourselves against going to the supermarket or going to work like the people of charlie hebdo. and like 9/11 as well. what advice to you have for making it safe and liveable if
5:48 pm
this is the direction we are going. i hope it is not, but what if? >> first of all, identify the danger and take action to meet. it you have to have effective policing and intelligence and laws that will effectively deal with the problem and single most important thing fighting terrorism is moral clarity. last couple of days, they talk about who wasn't at the rally in paris. you know what concerned me was the people in paris. president a bas in a rally against terrorism and yet in a government of hamas. and prime minister of turkey and yet hamas, a terror organization and charter calls for murder of jews worldwide, they have a military head quarter ares in turkey and no one speaks out against it. we have to stand together.
5:49 pm
>> but some people would say, they were there. they were there and that says something and we do have muslim leaders in the mether lands and egypt starting to step up and point the finger in the militant islamist, would it have helped if president obama had been and he could turn around and say i was there and you were there and we marched together. what did we march for and really hold them to it account? >> look, the united states is leading the whole world in confronting al-qaeda and isis, i have no doubt what so ever where the united states stands. and i have no doubt where the president of egypt president issi. and i have no doubt that president a bas stands. he has to be against terror even
5:50 pm
when jews are killed. i have doubts about turkey. turkey on the one hand have terrorist military headquarters and for a western audience and standing with the united states in confronting terrorism. all of the forces of civilization have to stand together. united states, canada and germany and israel. all of the moderate arab countries have to it stand together to win this fight. >> thank you so much. >> the new focus on isis and al-qaeda may be distracting from another brutal army. disturbing new messages from boca haran and how their leader is trying to steal the spotlight after the attacks in paris. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it.
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so while the world focuses attention on al qaeda isis and the terror attacks in orth islamic army bocka haran is causing a lot of heart break. jennifer griffin joins us with the latest. martha >> martha, with all eyes on terrorists, the head of boko haram tried to steal the spotlight praising the attack in france in a new video after slaughtering up to 2,000 people last week and capturing a key military base causing some to ask why after i am charlie the world is not saying i am baga. >> we are the american university of nigeria and we are situated in ground zero where all of this is taking place. we are essentially in boko haram's backyard. and we have a lot of american who is actually live there and teach there and have their families there.
5:55 pm
and so you cannot just leave us stranded like that. >> dr. lionel rollins has been invited to president obama's extremism next month. the nigh jeern terrorists who kidnapped 200 schoolgirls last april has been on the move the past 6 months. boko haram controls more territory than isis. >> president obama has been able oba to draw forces into the iraq and i syrian region to be able to toconfront isis. boko haram and its spread in nig northern nigeria and northern pa part of the continent of rica, is equally, is equally a threat. > competing for attention with isis and al qaeda, boko haram sent a 10-year-old female -old suicide bomber f into a market killing 13 people. >> we haven't seen boko haram focused beyond the region. >> they do not have the desire to come to the united states or to the to attack the united states
5:56 pm
but just like everything else rythin it starts regional and if like like a cancer, it spreads. >> the nigerian government meanwhile canceled a u.s. e counterterrorism training program last month and senior train u.s. officials confirm it has fficia not asked for u.s. drones to take off in search of the kidnapped girls for some time. martha? >> thank you, jennifer. we'll be right back.philli fiber good gummies. they're delicious and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are good! the tasty side of fiber. from phillips every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say they're the fastest-growing truck brand... in america.
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thanks for watching the kelly file special "taking on terror." go to tell us what you think. i'm in for megyn kelly. hello welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. journalists killed in paris. shoppers killed in a jewish market. over 100 schoolchildren in pakistan. scores of innocents in northern nigeria. a foiled terror plot in belgium. a foiled lone wolf attack on our capitol. all as our president continues to release gitmo detainees. the worst of the worst. the ones dezsignated as high risk for reengagement previously passed over for release because of the significant dangers they


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